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    AIPEX launched their new website and is here to help

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    Janneke Zengin

    Marketing & Communicatie assistant

    In April 2018, AIPEX, market leader in pan-European IP solutions management, launched their new website.

    The website provides a highly visual new design, consistent with AIPEX’s leading market position. It also offers a straightforward user journey as prospective clients start their relationship with Netherlands-based AIPEX and its pan-European office network.

    AIPEX was formed in 2010 and is a properly constituted pan-European IP legal practice specializing in design and management of bespoke IP management solutions. AOMB is one of the founding partners of AIPEX. Our participation in AIPEX means that our services to you are not limited to the countries in which we are established. AIPEX is ideally positioned to support multinationals (whether European, North American or from the Far East) with IP portfolio management today – and in post-Brexit Europe.

    Speaking at the launch of the new website, Ms Babs Meijer, AIPEX Marketing & Development Manager said:
    “We’ve put considerable thought and effort into the new website at Our main objective was to ensure that it gives reassuring, relevant information. And fast access to our proven IP portfolio management. The sooner we can begin a conversation, the sooner we can help businesses make the most of their valuable IP portfolios in European markets.”

    Interested to see what AOMB and AIPEX can do for your business? Do not hesitate to contact us!

    Janneke Zengin

    Marketing & Communicatie assistant


    +31 40 243 37 15

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