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    Life Sciences

    Navigate the intricate landscape of life sciences, health, and nutrition, where safeguarding intellectual property is paramount.

    ''Passionate about life sciences, health, and nutrition, securing and protecting your intellectual property with expert precision, dedication, and a no-nonsense approach.'' René Raggers Life Sciences attorney




    Biopharmaceuticals, such as antibodies and, more recently, mRNA products have revolutionized medicine. Biopharmaceutical products are often meticulously engineered, and produced with advanced production methods. Our highly experienced patent attorneys assist you in protecting both platform technologies and your innovative products in the Biopharma field. Life Cycle Management in pharma is key. We work with you at all stages of development in creating valuable IP to protect your innovations.

    Gene and cell therapies

    More and more gene and cell therapies have in recent years reached the clinic. These products are highly complicated and represent extensive engineered biopharmaceutical products. Because these complex products have multiple components, as opposed to typical single entity (bio)pharma products, they require a different strategy from an IP perspective. Protecting key innovations while maintaining awareness of third-party rights are essential in the development and commercialization of gene and cell therapies. Our patent attorneys are highly experienced in this field and provide guidance in your journey assisting to bring meaningful therapies to market.




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    Personalized Medicine

    Personalized medicine represents a transformative approach in healthcare, tailoring treatments to individuals based on their genetics, lifestyle, and environment. Specific disease mechanisms are targeted, for example an important intracellular pathway. Personalized medicine can significantly improve treatment efficacy in patients and quality of life. Our patent attorneys are well adapted to the challenges in this field including the recent applications of AI in this field, for which we regularly team up with our High Tech colleagues. We protect your IP and guide you through this fast evolving field.


    Diagnostics prescreening and DNA-profiling

    In the area of healthcare, advancements in diagnostics prescreening and DNA-profiling stand as pillars of progress. It is essential to balance the need for patent protection with considerations of accessibility, ethics, and patient rights to ensure that these technologies benefit society as a whole.

    Diagnostics prescreening involves the early detection of diseases or genetic predispositions through various tests and screenings. These screenings allow healthcare professionals to identify potential health risks and tailor treatment plans accordingly. DNA profiling, on the other hand, delves deep into an individual's genetic makeup, offering detailed information about their ancestry, and even their response to specific medications.







    Vaccines have a big impact on global health, saving millions of lives every year. Vaccines are complicated products designed to evoke an immune response and at the same time required to meet high regulatory safety standards. Allowing global access to vaccines is an important social responsibility. Recent innovations in this field involve the application of genetic vaccines, using gene therapy based technologies, as well as therapeutic vaccines.



    In the intersection of nutrition and technology, patents emerge as crucial instruments for fostering innovation and guiding the development of new products that can enhance health and wellness. The field of nutrition has expanded from basic dietary guidelines to sophisticated nutraceuticals and personalized diet plans based on genetic profiles. The shift is towards sourcing ingredients from sustainable, plant-based and fermented sources rather than animal origins. In the nutrition field three types of innovations can be identified: Novel Ingredients and Supplements, Functional Foods and Beverages, and Dietary Systems and Methods.






    Animal Health

    The field of animal health is crucial not only for the wellbeing of billions of pets and livestock worldwide but also for human health, given the close connection between animal and human diseases. Nutritional products tailored to the specific needs of different species, breeds, or health conditions can help prevent diseases and enhance the overall health of animals. Similarly, advancements in diagnostic methods facilitate the early detection of diseases, improving treatment outcomes. The development of new veterinary drugs, improved vaccines, nutritional products and advanced diagnostic tools often requires substantial investment. Patents provide the necessary protection for inventors and companies to justify the expenditure of resources on research and development.


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