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    We understand your market and technology. We have to in order to draft the best possible patents.

    Life Sciences

    Strategic deployment of your intellectual property. Highly experienced peers.

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    Our expertise

    • life sciences
    • biotechnology
    • immunology
    • nutrition
    • medical technology
    • pharmaceutical
    • genetics
    • molecular biology


    Technology at the highest level. Strongly connected.

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    Our expertise

    • telecommunications
    • software
    • algorithms
    • robotics
    • artificial intelligence (AI)
    • machine learning
    • integrated circuits
    • nanotechnology
    • optics


    Where everything fits together in just the right way. Can't get anything in between.

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    Our expertise

    • mechanical engineering
    • packaging
    • aeronautical engineering
    • offshore
    • ship-building
    • road and waterworks
    • medical applications
    • vehicle technology
    • buildings and structures
    • agriculture and horticulture
    • energy and process technology


    Whether it's about green chemistry or hard chemistry. Always the right formula.

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    Our expertise

    • chemical process technology
    • process flow diagrams
    • optical fibers
    • energy and heat recovery systems
    • renewable resources
    • industrial processes food & animal feed
    • polymers & materials
    • pharmaceutical

    Sustainable technologies

    Innovation for the future. Together we are committed to a sustainable, circular and green world.

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    Our expertise

    • renewable sources

    • biobased materials

    • energy storage,

    • food

    • circular chemistry

    • agriculture and horticulture

    • packaging

    • energy and heat recovery systems