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    Sustainable Technologies

    AOMB strives to contribute to combating climate change through Intellectual Property. We have formed a strong team of experts in the technology areas that matter for the future. For start-ups, scale-ups and other organizations that are committed to a sustainable world through transitions in the field of energy, materials and food.

    “In our Sustainable Technologies team, all technological fields come together to work for a better future.” Brigitte Geurts Patent attorney

    Energy transition

    Various technologies come together in the transition from fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources. Working together as a team with diverse technological backgrounds, we create optimal protection together with you. Our experts are happy to join forces for your innovation in energy generation, transport or storage.

    Material transition

    Now that raw materials are running out, circular solutions are needed for the production of new products. Developments in the field of bioplastics, waste reduction and recycling follow each other at breakneck speed. Our team makes every effort to act quickly on the basis of the latest information.

    Food transition

    Agriculture is under pressure, which is accelerating food innovation. Whether it concerns new plant varieties, alternative protein sources, agricultural innovation or the reduction of food waste, we have all the expertise in-house with both patent attorneys and plant breeders' rights experts.

    Our agents feel the gravity of the climate crisis and are committed to developing an IP strategy with you that will allows your technology to contribute to the solution.

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