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    High Tech

    The High Tech Team at AOMB exists specifically for companies and knowledge and research institutions engaged in the high-tech sector, including telecommunications, software/algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, integrated circuits, robotisation, nanotechnology and optics.

    ''Our High Tech team has extensive experience in conducting patent litigation together with IP lawyers. There is also considerable knowledge in the field of international patent grant proceedings.'' Teun van Berkel Patent attorney

    High tech technology is typically characterized by a high degree of complexity. very complex. Our experts keep abreast of the latest state of the art and are used to absorbing complex subject-matter quickly. They gain a firm grounding in the underlying concepts so that they can deliver quality in cost-effective ways.

    Standard-Essential Patents

    Technical standards are essential to ensure future interoperability. Our High Tech experts have broad experience interpreting these standards. We also have the knowledge and tools in-house to make sure granted patent rights actually ‘map’ to the technical standard.

    Afbeelding Standard-Essential Patents


    It’s a common misconception that patents are not feasible for software. Nowadays, an increasing amount of patent rights are obtained directed to software and/or on aspects relating to algorithms: a truly unique opportunity for protection.

    Afbeelding Software/algorithms


    Traditional electrophysics is no longer the leading edge technology. In present-day industry it has branched into specialisms in semiconductors, nano, robotics, mobility and controls. Our experts have gained practical experience as developers in electronic engineering and therefore understand this technology better than anyone else.

    Afbeelding ICs/Nano/Mobility
    The High Tech Team has extensive knowledge in the field of international patent registration procedures.
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