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    Wieke Martens

    HR Manager



    Employed at AOMB since


    As HR Manager, Wieke finds working for AOMB extremely interesting because the people here make all the difference. Over a period of 17 years Wieke has fulfilled a variety of HR management functions and has gained a great deal of knowledge about people and organisations.

    She is interested in what it is that inspires people and gives them energy. Bringing together the talents of her colleagues with the goals of the organisation and together establishing an organisation where employees are inspired and enjoy their work - that is what motivates Wieke. Offering plenty of space for personal growth and development and achieving the best results are inextricably bound together, and that is where Wieke is keen to make her contribution to AOMB. She focuses on HR themes such as talent management and the establishment of a professional HR organisation.

    Wieke likes to spend her free time with her family and they share together a passion for Italy. The marvellous cuisine, the fabulous artwork and culture bring her an enormous feeling of enjoyment.

    Wieke enjoys ballet, from classical to modern, and is very interested in the history of art; this means that she regularly visits theatres, museums and exhibitions. In addition, she enjoys cooking and good food, and frequently enjoys dining with friends. Finally, she likes to start her day by getting out of the house and going for an early morning jog.

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