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    Kees van Balen

    European patent attorney | Junior partner | UPC representative

    Expertise and areas of work

    Aviation technology, offshore-technology, ship building, horticulture and general mechanical engineering



    Employed at AOMB since


    Started his career in 2007 with an Aerospace Engineering study at the Delft University of Technology, as he was fascinated by anything that flew. After his study Kees van Balen worked at an engineering firm in the area of airport development, while shortly after that he got into the patents field.

    Since 2015, Kees has been working with AOMB as a European patent attorney in the area of aviation technology, offshore technology, ship building, horticulture and general mechanical engineering. As he was born in Rotterdam, he has an open way of communicating. This is translated into sharp and clear advice towards his clients. Above all, Kees is a committed patent Attorney and colleague with a huge passion for the profession as well as the entrepreneurship.

    Kees is a self-declared workaholic. Aviation still makes his heart beat faster. But he is also a genuine family man, who spends all of his spare time on his wife and son.


    Aerospace Engineering

    Technical University Delft 2007

    Relevant work experience

    European patent Attorney


    Extracurricular activities

    Dutch Institute of Patent Attorneys



    EPI and EQE Coach/Tutor

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