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    What is the added value of a trademark agency?

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    The trademark agency first examines the distinctive character of your trademark and considers whether it has the necessary features for successful registration. For example, the name must be unique and distinctive, at least not purely descriptive. The trademark agency also checks whether the trademark is still free in the target territory (country or countries, region of the world, or worldwide) and you can then register your trademark.

    What can a trademark agency do for you after registering your trademark?

    Once a trademark is registered, you can use a trademark agency to monitor whether your trademark has potentially been infringed through an application for an equivalent, more recent and conflicting trademark since then. If this has happened, our trademark advisor will draw your attention to it so that you can undertake joint action.

    Once a trademark is registered, is that all you have to do?

    No, on the contrary: a business should keep its portfolio of trademarks up to date. New products must be registered and, if new geographical areas appear suitable as potential markets, they must be covered by a new trademark registration. The competition changes from one day to the next; so does the need for registered trademarks.

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