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Olivier ter Brake

Nome:Olivier ter Brake

Função:Senior European patent attorney

Departamento:Parceiros estratégicos da unidade

Tel: +31 (0)40 243 37 15

He started out as a scientist with Life Sciences and worked on gene therapy in neuroscience and virology for 10 years. As a scientist, he was also an inventor and this brought him into contact with patents and inspired him to enter the field.

He started his career as an attorney at a Dutch IP firm. After having worked in both small and large biopharma companies, and a law firm in the South business district, he is now back in the role that suits him best: patent attorney at a modern Dutch patent office.

In May 2021, he made the move over to AOMB where he now works as a Senior European Patent Attorney within the Life Sciences team. With his wide-ranging technical expertise in biotechnology combined with his experience in all facets of IP from a number of different perspectives, he is able to provide his clients with strategic assistance.

The combination of business perspective, science and (patent) law is what gives Olivier his drive. He sees obstacles as opportunities and you can always rely on him to help out in complicated situations!

Olivier likes to play tennis in his free time. He also has a modest vintage watch collection and regularly visits museums.

Trabalha na AOMB desde

Since 2021 working at AOMB

Localização profissional

The Hague

Especialidades e áreas de atuação

Life Sciences, Biotechnologie, (Bio)Pharma


MSc in Chemie (1999),
PhD in Medicine (2007),
Dutch & European Patent Attorney (2012/2013)

Experiência de trabalho relevante

Voorheen werkzaam geweest als octrooigemachtigde in het vrije beroep en bij uniQure & Genmab
Daarnaast als onderzoeker bij het Nederlands Herseninstituut, het AMC en biotechnologiebedrijf Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics.