AOMB makes IP as easy as possible for you
SME entrepreneur or start-up, you will see the value of product and service innovations. You have innovative ideas that you want to protect legally. But do you also have the time and the knowledge to manage this properly? AOMB knows SME and the specific topics at stake in the field of Intellectual Property (IP).

Our SME specialists ensure that your ideas and (technical) inventions are protected and – where possible – that all financial possibilities are optimally utilised.

Make sure copycats
are always illegal

Whoever comes up with a new product or service, should remember there is always a chance that someone illegally copies this. Copycats are a threat to your business. In order to ensure that copies are 'illegal', you must beforehand consider protecting your intellectual property. Think for example of registering your trademark, logo, product design or working methods.
How do you approach this? What rules and regulations are involved? And what should you do when someone is guilty of infringement? Leave it to our IP consultants in the SME business unit. It's what they do, day in, day out.

Clear and concise language, short lines of communication

We work in a way that should appeal to you as an SME entrepreneur. Hands-on, no-nonsense, don't make it more difficult than necessary. We don't bombard you with jargon, but speak clearly and concisely. Intellectual property is complicated enough. We will assign you a permanent contact person within our SME team who you can always contact with questions. Even 24/7 if required.

Increase the value of your company
Copying of goods and infringement of patents doesn't exclusively apply to corporations. It increasingly involves SME. With patent protection and trademark registration, you strengthen your position against potential infringers. Your company's value need not suffer and can continue to grow. So that you are in a position to consolidate your IP through licensing.

In this respect, protecting and managing your IP is of vital strategic importance to every SME entrepreneur and start-up. In addition, the IP literature can be an important tool to follow the latest technological inventions and designs, albeit not the competition.

Complete service package for SME

Business Unit SME consists of a multidisciplinary team of 11 patent and trademark specialists, each with their own field of expertise within SME. They help you protect your technical invention, method or product, by obtaining a patent. They also assist in registering your name, logo or slogan as a trademark or with the registration of the outward appearance of your product as a design. Furthermore, we have specialists in our team who know everything there is to know about Plant Variety rights, copyright and licensing agreements.

Would you like to know more about our services for SME entrepreneurs and start-ups? Feel free to contact us:
For trademarks, designs, plant variety rights, copyright and licensing agreements, please contact Anne Laarman
For patents, please contact Peter Dorna