Life Sciences expert team with a passion for technology
Life Sciences expert team with a passion for technology
Strategic use of your intellectual property.

Entrepreneurial colleagues

The Life Sciences expert team at AOMB is here specially for companies and for knowledge and research institutes that are active in the ever-developing market of Life Sciences, pharma, food, biotechnology and medical technology.

Based at our locations in Eindhoven, Rijswijk (The Hague), Arnhem and Maastricht, we are the leading Life Sciences IP partner for both start-ups and scale-ups, and for knowledge institutions and organisations with a long(er) track record. In our Life Sciences team you will find entrepreneurial colleagues with extensive knowledge of your technology area and field of work. We translate that knowledge into the right IP strategy and work alongside you in a spirit of entrepreneurship.

Together with you, we make well-considered choices about how to deal with your intellectual property issues. Choices which determine the viability or chance of survival of the product or the service that you have invested years of effort into. What patents are essential - or in fact not required - in order to make a market introduction possible? What patents belonging to others represent a barrier to your product development? How can we make the most efficient use of the available resources?

Should matters unavoidably result in legal intervention, then our team also has extensive experience of pursuing patent law cases together with advocates.

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Personal. Hands-on. Clear.

'Let the cobbler stick to his last.' We understand that you would prefer to invest your time in doing what you do best. That is why we arrange everything for you with regard to your intellectual property. Ideally in close association and with a personal approach. Preferably across the table from you, rather than from behind our desks. You can engage our Life Sciences expert team quickly, and make flexible use of their services.

Naturally, you will receive all the analyses and reports that you need from us. But first, let's focus on the core issues and give you concrete advice. From an IP perspective, what is the right thing to do in your specific situation. That is what you want to know, and not the answers you 'want to hear' from our side.

We always adopt a position. That makes our work for you clear and directly applicable.

Every question is important

Our Life Sciences team is organised around your question. You talk directly with the patent attorneys who are most familiar with your sector. They are your point of contact. Together, we ensure that everything is organised within our expertise.

The Life Sciences team at AOMB considers your situation or question from a broad perspective. Extensive reports are not always necessary for this. Short lines of communication and timely advice is often more than enough.

Our Life Sciences team
Within our Life Sciences team we have a good mix of knowledge and experience in Life Sciences, biotechnology, immunology, nutrition, medical technology, pharma, genetics and molecular biology.

These are the experts who are happy to get started with your IP strategy:

René Raggers: European patent attorney. Partner AOMB
Mark van Eekelen: European patent attorney
Luc Smeets: European patent attorney
Olivier ter Brake: Senior European patent attorney
Emma Wong: Trainee patent attorney
Tim van Beelen: Trainee patent attorney
Winand Habets: IP Counsel, independent advisor to AOMB

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Patent Landscape

More and more consumers include alternatives to traditional meat in their diet. This is reflected in the increasing demand for meat alternatives and all well-known supermarkets now offer a wide range of plant-based burgers, sausages, and other meat substitutes, based on legumes, vegetables, cereals, and other ingredients. This increasing demand stimulates the introduction of new “meat”. These developments are reflected in the patent filing strategies.

We prepared a Patent Landscape Report to visualize the patenting activity in this high-potential field. Landscapes can help provide insight and answer many of your questions. If you are interested in a landscape of a certain market, or would like to learn how we can help you with your Life Science inventions, please leave your contact details here and we will contact you.

Download the Landscape here.

Which direction of development makes sense from an IP point of view for your organisation, service or product? What has your competition covered with IP rights? Are other companies possibly encroaching on your intellectual property?
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