AOMB as your IP-partner in the Netherlands and Europe

Are you, as a foreign patent attorney, looking for an IP partner that can best represent the interests of your clients or your company in the Netherlands or Europe?

AOMB knows the international IP field and represents foreign clients both directly and through agents. If we work for a foreign agency we continue to maintain the interests of the applicant, who we regard as our client.

In Europe we are one of the founders of AIPEX, the European alliance of IP offices. This enables us to be your main IP contact for all European countries. In addition, from our branches in Poland, we can easily build bridges for you branching out to the former Eastern European countries.

Investing in international relations
Due to the fact that the daily practice of intellectual property is becoming increasingly international, we invest heavily in building and strengthening our international contacts. Our responsible agents regularly visit their network of foreign agencies. So they remain well informed on the developments and details of the country. This frequent contact is valuable for mutual cooperation, maintaining long-term relationships and understanding differences in IP practice.

Permanent contacts per continent

Although IP laws worldwide are quite harmonised, there are substantial differences in regional implementation and interpretation. Understanding these differences is of great importance.

We work with overseas agents in all parts of the world. Our business unit is therefore categorised per region. For each continent, we have an IP attorney who is primarily responsible for contact and communication with his/her agents. These fixed contacts know their region's culture, their way of doing business and local differences in interpretation of IP laws. In addition to patents, trademarks, designs, licenses and copyrights, Plant Variety rights are also part of their expertise.

Guiding incubators

As an IP consultant, AOMB has extensive experience in guiding incubator projects. We are one of the permanent partners of the Businesslab for Innovators and have a place as an IP expert in the network of various incubators. Furthermore, AOMB has a good network of consultants in other disciplines.

Dutch IP-legal system: High quality, efficient and inexpensive

The Netherlands has a very attractive legal system for IP disputes. At relatively low cost, during summary proceedings a ruling can be expected within four months of the summons. The successful party shall recover the full costs of this from the other party.

The patent chamber of the Dutch courts, along with those of Germany and the United Kingdom, is known for the high level of quality for its rulings. Whereas IP litigation in other countries can sometimes take years, you can get a ruling in the Netherlands through summary proceedings, within four months. Ernest Baeten can tell you more about this.