Our IP-professionals, result-oriented and working for you

Intellectual property is critical to identifying, and successfully occupying, a unique position in the market. As IP Manager, you know better than anyone the importance of conducting strategic IP policy with respect to your competitors. What rights are you looking to maintain at any given time? And what rights are subject to expansion or detailing?

AOMB can think along with you and independently advise on the development, management and deployment of your IP portfolio. They meet your business interests and commercial goals first.

We work in a way that should appeal to you as an SME entrepreneur. Hands-on, no-nonsense, don't make it more difficult than necessary. We don't bombard you with jargon, but speak clearly and concisely. Intellectual property is complicated enough. We will assign you a permanent contact person within our SME team who you can always contact with questions. Even 24/7 if required.

We work for large national and multinational players, whilst keeping our approach personal, and approachable. See us as a fellow expert who you call upon periodically. A sparring partner who shares best practices with you and provides an early warning of the consequences of changes in IP law, and also provides solutions for your organisation.

Business Unit Corporate consists of a multidisciplinary team of specialists in the fields of patents, trademarks, designs and legal practice. For every project, we work with a dedicated team to find people who understand your business. We have in-house experts who are initiated in key technological sectors such as Life Sciences, Agriculture & Food, High Tech Systems & Materials and Health. They focus on results, engage quickly, and are instantly on standby for emergency situations such as infringement.

The people who work within Business Unit Corporate are experts in their field. At the same time they look beyond their field and immediately identify challenges related to other disciplines within the team.

Together they tackle your challenges in the field of patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, Plant Variety rights and licensing.

Strategic advice

Strategic advice and management of your IP-portfolio 

Assisting with overflow

Assisting with overflow: hiring IP-support or agents to carry out regular activities. Or assisting in, for example, mergers and takeovers on a project basis.


Conducting from a.o.competitive analysis, brand research, SWOT analysis current rights.




Training your employees to paralegal and/or authorised level.