Do you want to prevent your brand from being used or misused by others? In order to protect an entry in the registry of trademarks our agents protect your brand from unauthorised use. A trademark registration also ensures that others are prohibited from using your brand. The brand will remain exclusive to you so that you can continue to differentiate yourself in your market.

Any design that signifies a product or service is a brand. Through a registered trademark® you can get the exclusive rights to the use of a name, logo or slogan. Or even a sound or a scent.

Dutch trademark registration

In the Netherlands you can register a trademark with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property in The Hague. The legal requirement for this is that your mark is distinctive, does not deceive the public and is morally feasible and doesn't conflict with public order.

Trademark protection abroad

You can register your brand worldwide. You can do this by submitting a separate application in the countries where you require registration.
But it is easier to get a single registration (Community Trademark) to be granted protection in all EU countries. You can also register a brand internationally.

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