Plant Variety Rights

As growers of agriculture, horticulture, fruit or ornamental varieties, are you introducing a new variety in Europe and various other countries all over the world? And do you want to optimally protect your reproductive material from illegal propagation, growing and/or marketing? Our specialists in the field of plant variety rights ensure that your cuttings, bulbs and/or seeds are well protected, so others do not enjoy the fruits of your innovation without your permission.

In the Netherlands, plant variety rights are valid for up to 25 or 30 years and are available at the Dutch Board for Plant Varieties. To obtain breeder's rights, your plant species must meet four requirements. It must be new, uniform, stable and distinctive from previous released varieties. You can also protect your rights across the European Union. For this you must apply for plant breeders' rights in the Community Plant Variety Office.

Besides IP protection of your varieties our specialists can advise and file applications for the National Catalogues in various countries, which is obligatory for agriculture and fruit species, to allow import, propagation and sales of the end product.


If your request is approved you will be granted breeder's rights.

If your applications are examined and approved you will be granted breeders' rights and/or an inscription in the catalogues. In that case, you can also grant third parties licensing against payment of royalties, the right to propagate and produce your new varieties. This can be done by means of a license agreement.

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Plant Variety Rights

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