Do you have intellectual property rights such as trademarks, designs, patents or Plant Variety rights? And do you want others to be able to, for a variety of reasons, exploit this? In that case, it is important to manage your rights efficiently and to make clear legal agreements with the other party. You can always rely on our legal advisors. They advise on the preparation of agreements and contracts and deal with infringement and initiate potential court proceedings.

Agreements with third parties
In a licensing agreement or partnership you establish conditions under which others may use your intellectual property rights. For example, for research, development, production or sales. We assist you in negotiating and drafting the agreement. Also, if you plan to transfer your rights, it is important that an agreement is drawn up.


Maintaining your intellectual property rights is as important as acquiring and owning them. If you don't act against unauthorised use, these rights will increasingly lose their value. We have the expertise and experience to combat infringement with the appropriate solutions.

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