Does the outward appearance significantly influence the new products you are developing? Do you want to protect your designs against imitation or copycat products? Registering a legal design protects your product as a design. A design is the outward appearance of two or three-dimensional objects such as banners, furniture, packaging, cars as well as patterns. A drawing, a pattern or part of a product can be protected as a design. Our design attorneys assist you in making the right choices.

The design protection lasts for 5 years. This period may be extended by 5 years, up to a maximum term of 25 years. The main conditions to qualify for a design registration? Your product has to be a new design, and it must relate to the protection of the design. Do you just want to protect the technical advantages of your product? Then patent protection is required.

Action against infringement

On the basis of your design right, you can take action against infringement. For example, if others produce, (copy) sell, import or rent out your design. Each commercial act carried out by anyone else regarding your design, can be prohibited by you.

Design protection abroad

Want to protect a design outside the Netherlands, you can choose to register per country. But, much like trademark registration, it's also possible to capture your design through a European or international registration. 
With one application you can manage your design protection in multiple countries.

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