The journey to FreeKickPro®.
The journey to FreeKickPro®.
About two years ago we had a meeting with Antwan Rijkers and Machiel Debets of FreeKickPro® about their free-kick wall. Back then they only had some sketches and a animation video, and they passionately explained to us how the free-kick wall was supposed to look like, and why such a free-kick wall was beneficial for any football player, goalkeeper and staff member. It was definitely convincing.

Antwan and Machiel had a lot of ideas. They were of the opinion that it might be a good idea if the heights of each of the players in the free-kick wall could be set individually to mimic the players of a real football team. Another idea related to the use of an app that could log the performances of the football players and the goalkeeper(s), and many, many more.

We soon found some aspects of the free-kick wall which we thought were eligible for a patent and thus the first patent application was filed. The patent office confirmed our suspicions and the first patent was created! Short thereafter a second patent application was filed, which was even expanded using an international patent application to assure that patent rights might be obtained in many countries. We believe, and hope, that the patent portfolio will appear valuable in the growth of FreeKickPro®.

It’s great to see that a couple of sketches have turned into a mature, well-designed, product. I feel proud to be part of the journey, and we wish Antwan and Machiel all the best in further marketing the FreeKickPro®.

P.s., We are still awaiting the invitation to give it a try ourselves!

Marco Coolen - Senior European patent attorney
Teun van Berkel - European patent attorney. Junior partner