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Winand Habets

Name:Winand Habets

Job title :Owner of Life Science Patents, IP Counsel, independent advisor to AOMB since 2016


Phone:+31 40 219 90 74

Founded Life Science Patents in Sittard in 2004 from the ambition to provide customised IP services to the Life Sciences community. Winand has more than 15 years of experience as a European and Dutch Patent Attorney in the area of Life Sciences, bio-technology and molecular biology.

In 2016 a collaboration between Life Science Patents and AOMB developed. Winand has been operating as an independant IP Counsel for AOMB since then.

The merging of linguistic, legislative and scientific aspects is what makes the patents field so interesting, according to Winand. Seeking the boundaries between technology and legislation and linking these disciplines is very satisfying to him. His main motivation is to help people with issues they cannot solve themselves. Winand is very empathetic, which enables him to think along about the clients’ interests and thus provide advice that is really helpful to them.

Also in his leisure time Winand spends a lot of time on Life Science Patents and monitoring the developments in the field of bio-technology. He also likes cooking and hiking.

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Expertises and work fields

Life Sciences, biotechnology, molecular biology, micro-biology and biochemistry


Biology - Radboud University Nijmegen (graduated in 1980), doctorate thesis and postgraduate studies in the field of diagnostic markers for autoimmune diseases

Relevant work experience

Project leader Hepatitis C research at Organon Teknika, a subsidiary of AKZO Pharma in Boxtel (NL), Associate Corporate Strategy, Organon Teknika, Turnhout (BE), Patent Attorney at Organon in Oss (NL), Senior Patent Attorney at the Intellectual Property department of DSM in Delft (NL), Kaiseraugst (CH) and Geleen (NL) and Managing director and founder of Life Science Patents Intellectual Property Services.

Extracurricular activities

Member of EPI, LES and the Dutch Institute of Patent Attorneys