Business Unit International Partners

Charlotte Plasman

Name:Charlotte Plasman

Job title :Junior plant breeders' rights attorney

Department:Business unit International Partners

Phone:+31 (0)40 243 37 15

After completing her study in Law at the Hogeschool Leiden and her Master’s Dutch Law at the University of Maastricht, Charlotte has worked with AOMB since 2017. At the time, she began as Formalities Officer and Paralegal, but has since grown into a successful Junior plant breeders' rights attorney. Together with her co-plant breeders' rights attorney she is responsible IP advise of choice in the field of breeder’s rights for the agriculture and horticulture and ornamental sectors. Charlotte is a member of the Intermediaries Business Unit within AOMB. 

Charlotte is a friendly and accessible colleague who works diligently.

In her free time she likes to swim, but she also regularly visits the gym for strength training. She also loves Formula 1 racing and enjoys reading.

Employed at AOMB since

Since 2017 working at AOMB

Business Location

Eindhoven HQ