Business Unit Corporate

Rike Dekker

Name:Rike Dekker

Job title :Senior European patent attorney

Department:Business unit Corporate

Phone:+31 (0)40 243 37 15

Thanks to her wealth of experience, both with multinationals and in private practice, Rike can be seen as a true strategic partner. Rike understands the value of an intellectual property to a company like no other, and finds it important to really get to know the client so she can provide suitable and clear advice.

Rike is a chemical engineer and also has experience in other fields, including pharmaceuticals, materials and food technology. During her carrier, she spent 7 years in France working for Pfizer and is fluent in both the French and English language. In 2009 she started working for DSM, where she had several IP management positions. Since September 2017, she works for AOMB strengthening the Business unit Corporate.

Rike is an open and curious person. She likes meeting different people and businesses. She feels a project is only a success when both business and personal goals have been achieved with lasting impact.

Rike is married and mother to a teenage son. Outside work, she loves spending time with friends, eating good food, going to (pop) concerts and hiking in the hills of Limburg.

Rike is member from EPLIT. EPLIT is the European Patent Litigators for Europe Patent Attorneys, 

"EPLIT is the European Patent Litigators for European Patent Attorneys who would be qualified to conduct litigation before the Unified Patent Court (UPC) once that is established. The main objective of the EPLIT is promoting user-friendly, fair, efficient and cost-effective patent litigation in Europe, especially with the participation of European Patent Attorneys in proceedings before the UPC and to to increase and strengthen the relationships between practitioners entitled to represent Parties in patent disputes in Europe, and to encourage information exchange between its members." 

Employed at AOMB since

Since 2017 working at AOMB

Business Location


Expertises and work fields

Materials, pharmacy and nutrition


Chemical Technology - University of Technology Eindhoven (graduated in 1993)

Relevant work experience

Previously worked as patent attorney at a large Dutch patent office, as patent attorney at Pfizer and as manager IP materials group at DSM

Extracurricular activities

Member of the Dutch Institute of Patent Attorneys (previously board member from 2013 till 2017) and EPLIT