Business Unit

Esther Lins

Name:Esther Lins

Job title :European trademark attorney

Department:Mark Your Brand

Phone:+31 (0)40 243 37 15

In 2005, Esther Lins received her Bachelor of Law, followed by her Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property & Innovation in 2011, both in Rio de Janeiro. In February 2017, she started working at AOMB as a Senior Trademark Attorney.
She is a friendly and patient colleague. Her legal experience and mastery of, among others, the Spanish and Portuguese languages mean that the Business unit Strategic Partners often appeals to her. She hopes to provide a valuable contribution to the activities of AOMB in the Latin-American market.

In her free time, Esther likes to spend time with family and friends. She also likes to watch films and read, as well as outdoor activities such as bootcamping and dancing.

Employed at AOMB since

Since 2017 working at AOMB

Business Location

The Hague / Rijswijk

Expertises and work fields

Trademarks, copyrights, assignments relating to IP rights, such as licences, technology transfer, technical assistance


Bachelor of Law - Federal University Rio de Janeiro (graduated in 2005) and Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property & Innovation completed - UFRJ/Instituto Nacional da Propiedade Industrial (graduated in 2011)

Relevant work experience

Previously worked at law firms in Brazil

Extracurricular activities

The Brazilian Bar Association