Business Unit International Partners

Rutger Valkonet

Name:Rutger Valkonet

Job title :European patent attorney. Partner

Department:Business unit International Partners

Phone:+31 (0)40 243 37 15

Is very interested in countries, cultures and history. Within AOMB, he works for Business Unit International Partners and is, among others, responsible for foreign agents in Asia. Rutger Valkonet knows the cultural differences between the European and Asian ways of doing business like no other. Consequently he has been able to build an intensive network with, for instance, Japanese agents.

In addition, Rutger has years of experience in guiding start-ups and small SME-companies. Within AOMB he is responsible for the target group incubators. He acts as an IP-advisor in incubator trajectories, with the purpose of guiding companies in the growth trajectory from starter to successful company.

His medical-technical background makes Rutger the perfect IP-advisor for universities, active in the medical field. He also has broad experience in the area of software protection.

To clients and alliance partners Rutger is an open and fair advisor. Giving honest and genuine advice is what he believes in. By monitoring the developments in law, he keeps himself and his colleagues sharp.

Rutger spends most of his leisure time with his family. As a dedicated father of four, he is also a football coach and a homework guide. Apart from that he reads a lot of books about history and culture.

Employed at AOMB since

Since 2000 working at AOMB

Business Location

Eindhoven HQ

Expertises and work fields

Technical field, physics, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, measurement and control technology and software related inventions
Responsibility area in terms of geography: Far East, Oceania


Technology & Society – University of Technology Eindhoven (graduated in 1993) and Technical Physics – Fontys Colleges Eindhoven (graduated in 1990)

Relevant work experience

Previously worked as a Dutch patent attorney at Van Doorne’s Transmissie B.V.

Extracurricular activities

Member of the Dutch Institute of Patent Attorneys, EPI, AIPLA and LES.