Business Unit SME,

Anne Laarman

Name:Anne Laarman

Job title :European and Benelux Trademark attorney, Managing Partner

Department:Business unit SME, Mark Your Brand

Phone:+31 (0)40 243 37 15

A dedicated IP-consultant, but above all a born entrepreneur. Anne Laarman thinks along with clients about the innovative strength of an invention and the commercial use of a product or brand in the market. In a society where everything can be copied, using intellectual property, she offers entrepreneurs something to protect the essence of their business and even takes it to a higher level, where possible.

Anne's strengths lie in creating a good mix of IP-tools, which keep an entrepreneur ahead of his competitors. Anne considers the contact with the entrepreneurs themselves the best aspect of the profession. And then there’s the great pleasure when indeed she is able to find another good mix of IP-tools, to keep an entrepreneur ahead of his competitors. Entrepreneurs are courageous, thinking of opportunities and being headstrong is just part of that. Her passion lies in convincing these entrepreneurs that intellectual property is not a necessary evil, but a great value!

Anne likes to spend her spare time outside. Hiking, swimming, cooking, as long as it is outside!

Employed at AOMB since

Since 2007 working at AOMB

Business Location

Eindhoven HQ

Expertises and work fields

Trademark and industrial design law, copyright and exploitation of intellectual property right, for instance by means of agreements


Law and Philosophy studies - Radboud University Nijmegen (graduated in 1986)

Relevant work experience

Previously worked as a trainee Trademark and Design Attorney at a peer-office, as Benelux and European Trademark and Design Attorney and as manager/founder of Markube in collaboration with colleague Marijke Van kan

Extracurricular activities

Board member Urban Network Arnhem, Member of Jury King Willem 1 Prize and member of VNO-NCW, LES, Ecta, Copyright Association, Urban Network Arnhem, BMM and INTA