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Business unit


Business unit

International partners

corporate clients and international partners

SME entrepreneurs, as well as large corporate clients, in various different fields, rely on our service and expertise. In addition to this, international partners use our services for their clients.

In order to provide the best possible service for our clients in different markets, we've divided our organisation into three business units: SME, Corporate and International Partners. 

The Business Units

This multidisciplinary team will help you as an entrepreneur in the SME sector, to deploy Intellectual Property (IP) strategically, thereby increasing the value of your business.

The team members speak the language of SME entrepreneurs and maintain a transparent, no-nonsense approach throughout the process. Even if you have set up an innovative start-up and are dealing with technological developments, this is the unit that can guide you. Unit leader is Anne Laarman.

Business Unit Corporate works for large corporate companies, driven by technology and innovation, in the Netherlands, Europe and the rest of the world.

Are you responsible for IP and in need of an equal partner? Our experienced consultants in Business Unit Corporate solve complex IP issues along with your in-house specialists. We can take on any overflow of tasks, assist on a project basis with mergers and acquisitions or provide temporary specific IP expertise in your team. Unit leader is Arie Blokland.

Are you, as a foreign patent attorney, looking for an IP partner that can best represent the interests of your clients or your company in the Netherlands or Europe?

Business Unit International Partners knows the international IP field and represents foreign clients both directly and through agents. If we work for a foreign agency we continue to maintain the interests of the applicant, who we regard as our client. Unit leader is Ernest Baeten.